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What exactly is reflexology?

Reflexology (also called reflex touch therapy) is an alternative non-invasive medical procedure that involves using gentle pressure on certain points on your feet as well as your hands without the need for lotion or oil. It is believed that the body eliminates the toxins it has been exposed to and e…

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Prenatal Massage 5 Amazing Benefits

Prenatal massages are a fantastic option if you're looking for relief from tired, sore joints and muscles that have swelled due to pregnancy. There are a lot of good reasons to add prenatal massage into your routine whether it's a soothing foot massage from the expecting woman's spouse or a private …

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What are the key differences Between the two types of massage? Swedish Massage and a Deep Tissue Massage?

Swedish massage is among the most sought-after massage techniques in the world. It's commonly described as a traditional Swedish massage. The goal of the technique is to increase relaxation by releasing muscle tension by using the kneading, rubbing and other strokes of massage. Swedish massage is ge…

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Thai Massages Can Help You Improve Your Athletic Performance

Thai massage or Thai massage is an ancient therapy that integrates acupressure Chinese Ayurvedic medicinal principles, and yoga-based postures that are guided into a total therapeutic treatment. The Thai massage concept was built on the notion of Shen lines, or energy-pathways that are based on the …

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